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Read the quick facts below to gain Soaper Hero smarts! Then, test your hand washing knowledge and take the Soaper Hero Quiz.


Why is handwashing so important?

Our hands are covered with millions of germs (or microbes).  Some are harmless, but others can make us sick.  Nobody enjoys having a cold, the flu or diarrhea, right?   Read More


Who discovered the importance of handwashing?

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis? Of course you don’t. But you’re in his debt nonetheless, because it was Dr. Semmelweis who first demonstrated over a hundred years ago that routine handwashing can prevent the spread of disease.  Read More


Do most people wash their hands?

Wirthlin Worldwide, an international research firm, conducted a Hand washing Observational and Telephone Survey for adults in August 1996, and then again in 2000.  Read More