Wyoming's Clean Team Tent

The home of the Clean Team is a custom made 8 x 8 foot vinyl tent. The structure is held up with a light-weight aluminum frame. The educational display is designed to teach interactive hand washing. UV black lights provide the only lighting. Participants are given a special lotion to rub on their hands. The lotion interacts with the black lights and shows "pretend germs" on hands. Next, participants wash their hands using a portable sink and hose stationed in the tent. The effectiveness of their hand washing becomes evident as they watch how much of the lotion, or "pretend germs" wash away.

In addition to the interactive hand washing activity, Clean Team instructors demonstrate the proper way to wash hands and also speak about when and how long to wash hands.

For availability of the Clean Team tent or if you are interested in designing your own tent and would like more information, please contact:

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
University of Wyoming
Cooperative Extension Service
Dept, 3354, 1000 E. University Ave.
Laramie, WY 82071